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 Feeling anxious about the next few days/weeks/months: Incredibly worried.
Joel Moore    4:04am Jul 27 2018

Itís been just over a week since my motorcycle accident. Iíve been in hospital with both legs in traction, following an operation to mend my pelvis and to keep it stable, and traction on my right leg to bring the femur and tibia breaks into alignment. My left leg is only minimally secured to the traction device in that it has no weight attached at the end, so as not to disturb the operation I had to put plates and screws in it. My right leg has had a weight gradually increased to pull the breaks into line.
Being literally bed-bound has given me time to think, too much. Iíve been in a little less pain for the past day or so, and itís made my thinking clearer as Iíve not been in a bigger doses of morphine. Iíve been thinking of all sorts of things and they all merge into one big heap of a mess so Iíll try to use this site to separate them all. Hope nobody objects but here goes anyhow:
First thing that worries me is the long term hit on my health: Iím only 24 and Iíve been told that Iíll likely always have a limp especially to my left side due to my shattered pelvis, now held together with plates and screws, and there is also a good possibility of me getting arthritis in it. This upsets me. Iím fit, very active.
Secondly, money: i work as a private English teacher and if I donít work I donít get paid. My girlfriend works as a teacher but isnít on great money.
Third and biggest cause of me to worry, stress and become incredibly anxious is the immediate probability of getting put into the hip spica cast a week today. The hospital has arranged to deliver a hospital type bed to the house we rent next week so I can go home afterwards, but the fact theyíve done this suggests Iím getting the cast, and this fills me with huge anxiety.
Iíve suffered from anxiety a lot, from early childhood and had treatment for it: part of the reason for being so active is to help with it.
If all goes to plan for the doctors, I get the hip spica applied a week today.
The final worry is the effect on my relationship with with my girlfriend. She said sheís happy to look after me and I think she is, but Iíll be completely dependent on her if I get the spica cast next week and Iím worried about how sheíll cope.
My family are due to come over and help with everything and her family will also be around to help, but I still worry. A lot.

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 Feeling anxious about the next few days/weeks/months: Incredibly worried.  new
Joel Moore  4:04am Jul 27 2018
 Re: Feeling anxious about the next few days/weeks/months: Incredibly worried.  new
Christy23  9:22pm Aug 4 2018

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