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 New hospital; mum/sister arriving Thursday; Therapy overload
Joel Moore    2:56am Jul 29 2018

Iíve been moved to a different hospital at the biggest town in this part of Brittany, St-BRIEUC. I was moved yesterday for a couple of reasons: for my rehabilitation after the cast comes off and also for getting the hip spica cast fitted. Apparently they need a specific table/couch to put me on to be able to fit the spica cast which they donít have at the hospital in St Malo, and for the rehabilitation after it comes off they have more specialist staff here. We live almost @!#$ in the middle of the two towns so it doesnít really make a lot of difference to us.
My mum and sister are arriving on Thursday to be around for the first few weeks when I eventually get home. My sister is at university so has finished for the summer and my mum doesnít work nowadays, so itíll be brill to have them here.
Iíve seen the French versions of an occupational therapist and physiotherapist this morning already.
Physio has given me exercises to keep my upper body strong while Iím confined to the traction and then immobilised in the spica cast, and also will help keep my left knee and ankle from seizing up - they wonít be in the cast but the danger is that I donít move them as much as possible and so the joints will stop working well.
Occupational therapist - without going into details she will speak with my girlfriend and probably my mum about personal hygiene care while Iím in the spica cast as this is going to be a challenge to say the least - the cast will have spaces cut out of it for bathroom purposes but as I wonít be able to stand/bend at the hips/move then she needs to show them how to help me with this. Itís going to be embarrassing for me. Any last shreds of dignity Iíve kept hold onto here in hospital in traction will soon disappear I fear.
The date for getting put into the spica cast remains Friday 3rd August in 6 days time.

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 New hospital; mum/sister arriving Thursday; Therapy overload  new
Joel Moore  2:56am Jul 29 2018
 Re: New hospital; mum/sister arriving Thursday; Therapy overload  new
mike lewis  5:57pm Jul 29 2018
 Re: New hospital; mum/sister arriving Thursday; Therapy overload  new
Kate B  9:17pm Aug 8 2018

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