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 Hip spica preparation continued from previous post
Joel Moore    2:05am Jul 30 2018

This morning Iíve been told by the nurse in charge of the new ward Iím
Now on that each day until Friday when I will have my cast fitted, theyíll gradually help get me ready for it.
From today i have to take a course of laxatives - she explained that after the spica cast has been fitted it will take roughly 3/4 days to completely dry and set and so they donít want to have to move me if I have had a bowel movement. Oh my life so hence the laxatives.
On Thursday Iíll meet the team of staff whoíll be putting me in the hip spica cast so I can ask any questions about it, and also be taken down to their plaster room so I. An see the equipment ie plaster table they need to put me on tonhave it applied as apparently it can be quite intimidating-the nurse told me they position me with my legs kinda suspended in slings and my midriff will be propped on a padded platform to allow them to plaster around my back, hips and buttock area. It sounds absolutely bizarre to me.
They feel me seeing it will help me when I actually go for the fitting of the cast. Not sure myself.
She also confirmed that the cast will start at my toes on my right leg, gonup past my hip and to my chest and then down past my leg hip to my knee - what they call a ďone and a half hip spica ď apparently?
Sheís also going to ask for anti anxiety medication as she realises Iím absolutely as anxious as hell about both the prospect of getting the cast applied on Friday and also the prospect of spending 12 weeks confined inside it.
Friday canít come quick enough- I just want the fitting of the spica cast over with so I can get on with my healing.

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 Hip spica preparation continued from previous post  new
Joel Moore  2:05am Jul 30 2018
 Femur fracture is aligned and more preparation for cast fitting day  new
Joel Moore  2:47pm Jul 30 2018
 Re: Hip spica preparation continued from previous post  new
Longlegs  7:05am Aug 1 2018

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