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 Heatwave breakage
Nicola Stan    6:36am Aug 6 2018


I am new to this site and forum, broke my fib and tib 9 days ago stepping out of a hot tub!! I'm in a cast and it is a heatwave in the UK since last week and I thought I'd share a few tips how I am keeping cool - I don't look 'cool' but hey, i'm comfy as I can be.

1. I have a sofa which electronically pulls out with a touch of a button and am using it as a bed

2. I have moved a set of drawers next to the sofa, and have remote controls, tissues, medication, hand sanitizer, water, ribena, perfume (?) fly spray, reading glasses, hair brush, clips, purse.

3. I have a sheema in a bucket of cold water that I wear on my head when it gets too hot. (not the bucket, the sheema!!)

4. I have a selection of lollies in freezer.

5. Husband works from home and is at my beck and call.

6. Net Flicks on demand

7. Free Open University courses that I get a certificate once completed (some only 4 hours long!!)

8. I've used face time for 1st time with my daughter

9. My son turned up unanounced for first time in his life with flowers, watermelon and grapes (and a smile).

10. Tomatoes have ripened, potatoes are ready for eating, a few strawberries, raspberries and grapes are getting bigger (the tree variety).

11. Brain and mind racing but cooled by fan and lollies.

12. I'm wearing a pair of white stretch looking shorts that apparently look like a nappy.

13. I have had a couple of 'toilet' baths - sponge hot water over body sitting on the loo with favourite bath cleanser.

.....it could go on.....it's going to be a long recovery....I can work from home and can go 'back' as early as next week.....

Has anyone else gone slightly mad with thier breakage?

:-) Nicky

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 Heatwave breakage  new
Nicola Stan  6:36am Aug 6 2018
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Longlegs  1:04pm Aug 7 2018
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Joel Moore  1:07am Aug 8 2018
 Re: Heatwave breakage  new
Nicola Stan  6:29am Aug 26 2018

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