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 Re: What to expect after plates and screws removed
ASR    11:28pm Aug 10 2018

I had 2 HW removals. The first one was just screws, and the second one was screws and a plate. While not recommended for most people, my OS and I decided to do mine under a local only, so I was awake and aware throughout both procedures (but felt only a couple of quick "bee strings" as the metal was broken free of the bones).

After a brief rest to allow bleeding to stop, I was allowed to walk out on both legs and drive myself home after each surgery. Once home, I gave my leg 24 hours off, resting and elevating, and no weight bearing at all. After that, I went 100% WB, but moved slowly and carefully until the stitches came out.

The incision and stitches stung and burned, but there was no bone pain.

My discomfort diminished with each passing day, and by the time the stitches were removed (10 days after the first, and 2 weeks after the second procedure), my leg felt about the same as it did prior to the HWR's.

My HW had been causing me significant pain, and that was all gone immediately. My ROM increased dramatically, too. I still have a plate and 3 screws that cannot be removed, but if they could, I wouldn't hesitate to get them out.

Take it easy after you get yours out, and you'll be ok. Just remember, it takes very little to make your leg swell after having a broken leg. Swelling puts pressure on the incision and stitches, so keep your leg elevated as much as you can until it's got a good start on healing.

Fully recovered from Pilon tib/fib
2 Plates, 10 screws, 2 HWR's,
1 Plate & 3 Screws left

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ASR  11:28pm Aug 10 2018

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