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 Re: Heatwave breakage
Nicola Stan    6:29am Aug 26 2018

Well, I survived the heatwave....and then had a sort of breakdown!! Thought I was doing so well. Husband turned into 'army carer' and said to deal with me he had to take out all emotion, he couldn't even bear to sit with me for more than 5 mins and wa his way of 'dealing' with my breakage and the responsibility he had to give me food, help me clean my clothes and day to day chores. I am usually the most independent, get things done kind of person so it affected him in the first couple of weeks. This reactive to me really really affected my emotional well being and I had a kind of crying breakdown week 2, almost immediately after the post I first posted! The change from happy and coping to crying and sobbing was fast. Luckily my sister came to see me and stayed 3 days and completely looked after me. This gave husband some respite and also made him look at his 'style' of non emotional care. He has been brilliant by the way apart from this few days. Has anyone else had a story to tell about their main carer or even independent caring. Anyway, I'm 4 weeks into my breakage now, I am much more confident on my crutches now, not outside just in my lounge and going to the loo and into the kitchen. I bum shuffle upstairs to have a bath and bum shuffle downstairs, I have returned to work, working from home as my job is computer based. I do not feel I should return to work, but have been told I am only entitled to 3 weeks paid sickness, this is the only reason I have returned to work. No weight bearing as yet, but hospital 3rd September. Off painkiller for now, strange feeling in ankle, tibia seem ok but aching in evening. Exersise outside of boot by moving foot up and down, it seems like I can feel bones or screws in foot - who knows what it is? Not feeling 100% but definately better each day at the moment. I have got a 'scooter' where I put my knee on the 'saddle' and push with my good leg, I used it about 10 days ago and I couldn;t use it because of the pain, I used it yesterday and it was good,no pain and I could get around the kitchen and use my hands instead of being on crutches. Hopefully I will use this much more. Onwards and upwards with this breakage.!

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