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 Re: Cast or surgery..which to choose?
Robert Zambenini (47.149.219.---)   8:34pm Aug 30 2018

If they are speaking of surgery that is probably an IM 'nail' or rod. I would vote for IM nail. Reason is borne our by my case where I am very slow to heal, as fracture was major and now I am nearly fully active while its now fully healed. I have good life style and certainly could not be doing all that I have done in past few months with a cast. Read up on IM nail and other surgery options like plate with screws this weekend.
Good luck, Bob
P.S, it will get better every day from now on as I remember that first day in splint, but they did surgery next morning. Could not be happier, even though it was a long number of months in wheelchair and walker.

12/9/17 Broke Tib Fib in fall on front porch
12/10/17 Surgery to install rod with screws
12 days In Hosp. PT OT rehab
02/14/18 X Ray shows little Tib closure, Fib healed. Continue 25% wb
11/9/18 Surgery to remove top 2 screws. No complications afte

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