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 Spiral fractures tibia and fibula-cast versus surgery?
Mark Kendall    2:00am Aug 31 2018

Hi there - Iím in need of some advice about possible treatment options I have for my recently broken leg.
I was out running on Tuesday this week and got sidetracked chatting to my friend I was out with, wasnít paying attention and missed seeing a pothole in the road, my leg went in and - snap. It twisted as I fell.
An ambulance ride to the hospital, in the Accident and Emergency department and X-rays revealed spiral fractures to both both my tibia and fibula in my lower leg.
Immediately after the X-rays the doctors and nurses sedated me and have put my leg in a temporary plaster splint. Itís not totoslly encasing my leg as there is a gap up one side for swelling- which my leg did a lot.
Sedated I may well have been but oh my life the pain still was ridiculous when they positioned my foot and ankle for the plaster. Agony like never before.
So - my splint goes from my toes to hip.
I go back to see the surgeon next week on Thursday and the likely choice to be made are :
Surgery to put a nail in my leg to heal the tibia or
Get my leg put in a full cast like the one Iím in for what they told me would be 3-4 months due to the breaks I have.

Assuming I have the choice what would you do?
Iím 28 but a bit of a baby when it comes to hospitals and illness generally so the idea of an operation isnít filling me with good vibes.
So - help me with some advice if you can.

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 Spiral fractures tibia and fibula-cast versus surgery?  new
Mark Kendall  2:00am Aug 31 2018
 Re: Spiral fractures tibia and fibula-cast versus surgery?  new
SMM  11:51am Sep 4 2018
 Re: Spiral fractures tibia and fibula-cast versus surgery?  new
Pauline M Hall  7:09am Sep 15 2018

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