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 Fracture clinic last Friday-full leg cast for now.
Mark Kendall    11:56pm Sep 8 2018

Hi all - i had my fracture clinic appointment on Friday and Iíve had a full leg cast fitted for the time being.
This is what I remember and what my girlfriend has told me happened:
I had an X-ray on arrival and then saw the doctor in charge of my case: the fractures had moved out of position a little in the back slab cast I was in. He told me he is prepared to give them chance to heal in a cast and so no operation for the time being. But - BUT - he rates the chances of success of this at only 50/50, so I may need an operation to insert an IM nail. Weíll see how it goes.
I then got told I needed to have the fractures manipulated back into position - in the plaster room there and then.
They gave me IV Midazolam to do this which is why my recollection of the next part of the clinic appointment is a little hazy.
They removed the old splint first , put the cotton gauze and wool padding on and then - I was spaced out beyond belief at this point - they manipulated my breaks.
Apparently I yelped and groaned - they kinda twisted my foot, ankle and shin - the pain was incredibly intense and lasted for a few seconds- but it hurt like a swine even with the Midazolam.
They then plastered my leg up - itís an almost complete back slab cast ie there is very little gap left where there is no plaster, as my leg is still swollen a little theyíve left a small gap for swelling.
They then wrapped fibreglass bandages on top for added strength.
It goes from my toes to my groin area- and weighs a tonne.
It feels like they moulded it well as there is no movement inside it.
Itís wet in places and dried in others.
Iím non-weight bearing and have a wheelchair to get around in .
I go back in 2 weeks time.

Iím not sure if Iíll need an operator not and havenít yet been given a timeframe for being in plaster if thatís how things pan out.

Fractured tibia and fibula left leg 28th Aug: full leg plaster splint, cast v surgery treatment options?

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 Fracture clinic last Friday-full leg cast for now.  new
Mark Kendall  11:56pm Sep 8 2018

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