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 Unplanned hospital visit 2 days ago - suspected fractured scaphoid bone
Mark Kendall    3:23am Sep 12 2018

Since my accident Iíve had a sore left wrist that I landed on when I fell when I broke my leg. I assumed it was bruised or sprained but the pain hasnít gone away and it hurt like hell when I had to put weight through my hand and wrist when I was using my crutches.
So we went back to hospital on Monday this week, had it X-rayed and saw a doctor who examined my wrist.
Although there is no fracture visible on the X-ray Iím very tender in an area they call the ďanatomical snuff boxĒ which is an area below your thumb (flex your thumb outwards and youíll see it open up) and also when i bend my wrist back.
The doctor explained that there is a bone in this area of the wrist called the Scaphoid and sometimes it can be fractured but this wonít show on the X-ray for a couple of weeks or so as it has a poor blood supply.
Given my increased pain post-fall and tenderness in this area he suspects i may indeed have fractured my scaphoid.
He discussed the options of either a brace or cast for 2 weeks and decided on a cast due to my pain levels.
It goes to my elbow and includes my thumb.
Itís made my already difficult situation more complicated and especially for my girlfriend who Iím now almost totally dependent upon.
I go back for an X-ray on my leg and wrist on Friday next weeks.
If my scaphoid is fractured Iím looking at weeks of it being in plaster- due to poor blood supply it usually takes 16 weeks for it to heal on average so I was told on Monday.
Absolutely praying it isnít fractured.

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 Unplanned hospital visit 2 days ago - suspected fractured scaphoid bone  new
Mark Kendall  3:23am Sep 12 2018

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