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 another full leg cast, that makes 3 this year
mike lewis    5:33pm Sep 22 2018

Hi all i have written a couple posts before, ill give a quick recap i had originally broken my leg and after the leg casts i was in a walking boot and i fell going down the stairs, so then i was in a long arm cast and 2 full leg cast. Then i was down to just the one long leg cast and crutches instead of the wheelchair and i thought i was good.

well guess not, yesterday i went to the orthopedic doctor and we did some xrays and turns out i still need to be in a full leg cast for at least 3 weeks but probably more like 6. ive been in casts since august-july and im ready to be over it.

this time though i take full responsibility since its my fault a little bit. the last couple weeks i was slightly walking on it and not using my crutches all the time so i caused some of the slow healing. so im getting a different cast on monday that is a full leg cast but at a 90 degree angle so that i wont be able to walk on it. hopefully ill be done and healed soon.

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 another full leg cast, that makes 3 this year  new
mike lewis  5:33pm Sep 22 2018

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