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 Tibia not healing
Nicola Stan    3:13am Oct 17 2018

My 12 week x-ray shows my tibia break is not healing it should be. I do not smoke and have been weight bearing for 6 weeks. I have been exercising my leg and ankle. Has anyone else had this news at the 3 month mark after breakage? I broke both my tibia and fibia July 26th. How has anyone else coped with bad news? I don't know what my expectation should be - I have been working towards the 3 month mark, hoping to have a date for driving, but my doctor has said I will need further x-rays in 6 weeks time.

I returned to work 2 weeks after my break - working from home - too soon, but I didn't want to let work down and felt responsibility to return for them. Work initially agreed for reduced hours and help, but after 1 month I was told there was no-one to help out anymore, and I struggled on for a further month. Work have now said that they will not follow my doctors recommendations for working from home as this recommendation does not fit in with work or myself. They want me to return to the office. I do not think I will be able to cope with working full time in the office with my leg and injury currently. Has anyone else's work refused recommendation from the doctor? My doctor has given me a fit for work note for a further 6 weeks.

I went for a 20 minute walk yesterday on my own, and when I returned I has the most swelling in my leg I have seen so far and I slept for 2 hours after and went to bed early as I was so tired. Is this normal after 3 months?

My doctor has now put me forward for NHS physio so hopefully they can show me some excersizes.

I'm so down at the moment, I have been fine up until this point. But firstly with the doctors bad news and secondly with my work I am struggling to keep positive. I led an active life, quite adventurous - scuba diving, hiking, mountain biking and feel lost being so inactive. I know its just a matter of time and patience, but my goal is now confused. I don't know what to work towards now if my leg is not healing and still broken.

I have a meeting tomorrow with work and I will communicate all my worries and concerns about returning to my office and working full time. I can't do this any more.

Rant over!

Thank you


26th July 2018 - Broken Tibia & Fibia getting out of hot tub in garden
1 plate 6 screws 24 staples
30% weight bearing 6 weeks
Tibia not healing as well as to be expected 12 weeks

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