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 Re: Tibia not healing
SMM    3:14pm Oct 19 2018

Hi Nicola,
I was on this board and drop in infrequently these days. Sorry to hear about your injury. I had a bad break a long time ago, and I remember no fracture healing was visible on x-rays for just under 3 months, but that does not mean that nothing positive wasn't happening. It just does take time, and healing for many doesn't register on x rays for a few months. Also, I don't know but perhaps the hardware can slow down calcification? I healed in casts, and that meant longer times non-weight bearing. And yes, swelling for some weeks, maybe depending on soft tissue injury, is not unusual at all.

Sorry to hear about the work situation. I think both that and the injury may be causing stress? I know these are two entirely related issues, but I think separating and identifying the stresses caused by both might be helpful. The fact that you took a long walk...gave me such a positive feeling. One way I coped was by cataloguing accomplishments.

I hope the work situation is on the way to a resolution. How are you doing?

Best wishes,

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