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 Re: Tibia pain
Ka    1:55pm Oct 29 2018

Sorry to hear about your pain. I experienced the same thing, and it is definitely a normal part of healing. Weight bearing helps the bone heal and will become less painful. Two issues I had though, that might be relevant for you if the pain continues for a long time:

About 7 weeks post-break, the screws in my lower tibia broke and caused sudden acute pain. I went back to crutches and PWB for a while to manage this, and the broken screws haven't been a problem since (still in the bone and I no longer seem to feel them).

The pain around the tibial break was there for 8 months before I got further imaging that showed non-union of the bone. If you get to 6 months and are still having this particular pain issue, I would definitely insist on second opinions, further imaging, etc. It was ignored far too long in my case, and I wish I had been more assertive with the surgeons.

Best of luck healing!

Jan 2015: Broken distal tib/fib, IM nail + screws
Oct 2015: IM exchange nailing for tibia non-union
Nov 2015: MRSA infection; surgery + 3.5 months antibiotic therapy for infection
April 2016: Bones healed
Oct-Nov 2018: IM nail removal, wound infection

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