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 To Be Back Again-11 years post TPF6
Leigh Ann    2:49pm Nov 13 2018

Wow, I am back again and my knee is "broken!" Okay it's not officially broken, but my type 6 tibia plateau fracture is rearing its ugly again in my life.
My history:
March 2007 TPFx type 6. 11 screws, 2-6 inch plates, and 1-2 inch plate. Healing was smooth.
Dec 2008 HWR because of some sharp pains in regards to some of the screws in places along the tendons.
New normal. Able to stand full-time 40 hours, and do most activities. Stairs can do pretty normal, just a bit slower. Running is not an option, nor is high heels. Full ROM. Swelling is present and will vary based on the activity and the length of activity. Do your PT everyone-it makes a world of difference!!
I would definitely say that up to 2011 has been smooth sailing. Yeah, I will elevate my leg a bit more, but some of this comes with age. I am 48, and work as a stylist. I have been part-time since 2011 and work approximately 25-30 hours a week. I would notice back then once and awhile some random movements would cause my knee to 'catch.' Not always, but once in awhile. Slowly over time it would be more noticeable but not happening on a regular basis. As time went on, this 'catch' would be more noticeable but not cause anything other than a notice. The 'catch' slowly turned into a got 'locked' in place, not happening regularly but if it would happen, it was becoming more noticeable and would cause some discomfort at that moment of the 'lock.' The moment of lock was becoming way more obvious to 'unlock' it and took my leg to do it intentionally, not just automatically. Yes, pain would happen, but as soon as it happened it was gone. Kinda like when your jaw catches and you have to crack it back into place. Well now the ramifications of my tpf6 has my knee buckling. It doesn't happen all the time, but if I move it just right, I loose the feeling of it being stable and my knee will buckle. It hurts for minutes until it regains its sense of being there, and is pretty much over with for the rest of the day until I can elevate it in bed, or be off of it. I have intentionally planned a day to be off of it-sounds like the days back in the early stages of healing. The hurt is like a ice pick that is being thrusted into my knee and feels like the ice pick is being ground into my tibia. Sounds like a horror movie right? Well I went in for x-rays and yep, I am bone on bone ... so I guess you can say it is "broken" again. My walk is not as it was post TPf, because my hip is now compensating more than ever, but I still have full ROM! Even though this sounds horrible, life could be alot worse, trust me, my neighbor is in a wheelchair, this is stroll in the park. Yes, it could be much worse, and I have worse concerns/stresses in life, so as the TPF was, this TKR will be another adventure of "My Broken Leg" and I will get through it. I knew it was inevitable, so it's not a surprise, but it's a fustration because I would've like to close this book, in my life, *Sigh* I probably will not be able too. Of course, I'm glad to see this site is still around, it was a great form of therapy! So yes, do your PT everyone, it makes a huge difference. Happy Healing my co-TPfer's!

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 To Be Back Again-11 years post TPF6  new
Leigh Ann  2:49pm Nov 13 2018
 Re: To Be Back Again-11 years post TPF6  new
katrinaj  3:46am Jan 13 2019
 Re: To Be Back Again-11 years post TPF6  new
Henri  6:10pm Jan 21 2019
 Re: To Be Back Again-11 years post TPF6  new
Leigh Ann  11:50am Jan 22 2019

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