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 Broken leg playing football
Leeís-busted-leg    2:48pm Nov 18 2018

This is my 1st time here. Iíll start by stating the obvyand thatís Iíve broken my leg. Iím 30 years old and live in Stafford, England.
It happened on Friday evening playing football - the team I play for train every Friday ready for Sunday morning games. I went into a tackle with a team mate and he was a split second later to the ball than me and...the full force of his foot hit my shin with my foot planted in the ground and my leg more or less just snapped.
Iíve torn muscles and had tendon sprains before but the pain was indescribable.
I was taken to accident and emergency at the hospital in Stoke and they X-rayed my leg immediately on arrival and -
Both bones in my lower right leg (tibia and fibula) are broken clean in two.
The orthopaedic consultant in accident and emergency told me the first thing they needed to do was to immobilise my breaks before deciding on the treatment to heal them and they sedated me:
My leg is in plaster from my hip to my toes. Iím on pain meds and itís still hurting like hell.
I go back to hospital next week to see the doctor and Iím told either:
Have an operation to repair the breaks or
Be put in another whole-leg plaster for healing purposes?
Iíve looked at posts on here for injuries like mine and it seems these are the options?

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 Broken leg playing football  new
Leeís-busted-leg  2:48pm Nov 18 2018
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Pauline M Hall  5:12am Nov 19 2018
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Embonious  3:55am Nov 20 2018
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Leeís-busted-leg  7:25am Nov 21 2018
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Embonious  4:55pm Nov 21 2018
 Re: Broken leg playing football  new
Nicola Stan  4:32am Nov 23 2018

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