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 Re: Broken leg playing football
Embonious    4:55pm Nov 21 2018

I really empathize.. the beginning is so stressful and difficult as you struggle to accept and understand the full scope of the injury, at least that was my experience. I hope it gets better for you soon. I had about a day where I was super optimistic and happy to be alive, followed by a swift and heavy dose of reality- it is often incredibly hard to have a broken leg.
I had the same anxieties- money and work primarily. I broke my leg two weeks before I was due to start a new job- luckily I am able to work remotely until I can travel to work. People have been very kind and understanding, so I hope that your work is like that too, or that you are able to get some sort of disability wage.
I also feel stressed about Christmas- there's no way I'm going out shopping for any gifts, and the travel I plan to do is keeping me awake at night as I have no idea how to climb train stairs on crutches! We'll see how that goes.
But having lived through the past few months, I can tell you that the beginning felt miserable, and especially the damage felt overwhelming and impossible to heal, and the healing timeline seemed like an eternity (honestly it still does some days). It does pick up, though. I also felt very weepy and generally emotionally disturbed the first few weeks, and super down. That's a very normal reaction, from what I've read here. I was also so irritated by people sending me these perky "stay positive" messages... when you have two smashed bones in your leg, you don't exactly feel positive, and in my opinion that's just fine. However, I have adjusted to a more normal/stable version of myself and now every week that passes feels a lot better.
I've been home for 10 weeks and I've pretty much exhausted most forms of entertainment, so I check here about every day if you have any other questions or anything. Good luck with the next few weeks.
You will heal!!

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