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 Re: Broken leg playing football
Nicola Stan    4:32am Nov 23 2018

Hi Lee,

I'm 4 months (or is it 4.5?- I've lost count and take each day by day) I can only wish that your recovery is balanced. Mine has been a bit like a trampoline - up and down, sometimes quite high and sometimes quite low, but I feel 'normal' now, like my old self. I was nervous over each and every single aspect of my life - my partner walking past my leg, getting over a tiny step into the garden - having a shower was bloody bliss the first time!!!!! But I was scared of knocking my leg on the taps, the bath top, the floor - all in my head and my thoughts. I thought I was going mad...worries over work - I even went back 2 weeks after my accident as I felt guilty (???) Luckily (?) I had a bit of a breakdown month 3 and took some time off work. It took me ages and ages and ages to get it in my head that I NEED time to heal, both mentally and physically. Each to their own - each person to their own healing, there doesn't seem to be the same story for each and every person on this site. There is no race, no prizes....Just hope that life will resume - and it will, or will not, whatever is the case. I sound like a preacher now and that is not my intention. All the very best. :-)

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