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 Re: 5th metatarsal transverse fracture 3rd week!
Embonious    3:37am Nov 28 2018

Hi Jas,
Sorry to hear about the injury and the stress you're experiencing. I completely understand where you're coming from, which isn't exactly helpful, but solidarity is good I guess :) healing is so individual, and it's frustratingly hard to predict until it's already happened. My fracture (open tib/fib) was particularly nasty and the result of a traumatic injury (hit by a car) I had emergency ORIF surgery and have an IM nail in my fibula and 5 screws, and my healing has been going well despite that. I'm coming up on week 10. I was really stressed about healing in the beginning too- it does get better after you see some progress, and/or adjust to life with the injury. I think eating well and trying to get as much sleep as you can help a lot, even just mentally. Sleep especially- I have trouble sleeping and there is definitely a correlation between bad sleep and poor stress management. I wish I could help more, but I hope you are doing ok with the emotional side of things. It's rough.
For physio:
If you can already start, I highly recommend getting a referral from your doctor. I started around week 6 of my injury.
My right thigh in particular is quite atrophied, but I've been given some exercises from rehab that at least help prevent further atrophy:
if you sit on your bed with your legs straight out in front of you, rotate your injured leg to the side so the inside of your foot is facing the ceiling, and slightly bend your knee. If you are able to have a 90 degree ankle flex, do that also. Then just do leg lifts, slowly and controlled.
You can also bend you knees in front of you, so your feet are resting on the bed, and put a small pillow or a slightly deflated ball (a bit smaller than a football) between your knees and squeeze and release in reps.
Lastly, again with your legs straight in front of you, put a puffy pillow underneath both knees. You can push down on this with your thighs- you should see the muscles above your knee visibly tightening.
Hope that helps, and let me know if you have any questions.
Best of luck with everything!

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