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 Re: Rough week
Nicola Stan    7:30am Dec 3 2018

Hi Lee,

Oh you've been healing alright! Not sure how and I'm no trained doctor but the body works in miraculous and amazing ways...believe me!!!

The first few weeks of my broken leg were quite confusing - nobody tells you about the constant worries in your head constantly,the messages of pain to your brain constantly, the knackardness (is that a word?) the angryness, the sadness, the frustrtatedness (is that a word?) I looked up the 'psychology of pain' as I thought I was going completely crackers - I was, I had a mini breakdown!!!!!!However, It helped quite a lot to understand how I was feeling.

I also looked up how a broken leg heals - the total in's and out's, every minute detail - who recovered, who didn't , the timescale for the best outcome, the worst outcome- I must have looked up about 100 different doctors websites....After my mammoth research - probably over a week of constant internet I learnt that keeping my mind on something made the days go quicker, so I decided to become 'lazy'....I found Netflix and watched American Horror Story - each and every episode and each and every season - bloody good!!!!! 2 weeks flew by, and it meant if my brain was not thinking about my broken leg, I could relax, and that is REALLY important....I also got lost in 'Pintrest' a lot....Why not, I couldn't move or do alot in that period, so gave myself permission to chill on the sofa and watch tv alot. Some people become immersed in books, or creating something - not me - Netflix - my saviour!!!!!! Your pain and worries are part and parcel of a shitty broken leg, I didn't feel myself for at least 3.5 months - others are different, everyone has their own story. The moment I chilled out and stopped worrying, my leg healed, it's only 50% after 4 and a bit months, but I don't care - why worry with things you can't help....my heal is slow, like my brain sometimes....You WILL heal Lee, it just takes a lot of frustrating, hurting, emotional times....not forever, just for a short time in your life...Anyway, I'me now u'tubing on Thai islands - as well and physio and walking 10km per week....take care and chill with exactly what you can and want to do at this time...worrying can take a hike!!! Nicky x

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 Rough week  new
Lee’s-busted-leg  2:38pm Dec 2 2018
 Re: Rough week  new
Nicola Stan  7:30am Dec 3 2018

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