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 Re: Tibia not healing
Beth T    9:59am Dec 4 2018

Hi Nicky,
I am new to this broken leg thing. I received a lateral tibial plateau fracture after being struck by a car crossing the street on Nov. 13th. I had surgery on the 23rd. Someone recently suggested to me that I drink bone broth. She said she was a health professional and that the collagen in the broth helps repair broken bones. According to her, her mom had broken a hip and drank 3 mugs of bone broth a day and her doctors couldn't believe how fast she healed. I have been researching bone broth and it has all kinds of benefits so I am giving it a try. There doesn't seem to be any negative effects to consuming it so I feel I have nothing to lose; however, decent bone broth is expensive. One can make it themselves but I don't feel I'm in the position to mess with that. I may try drinking 2 mugs of the "good broth" twice a day and try a cheaper broth for that third mug.

I just thought I would pass this advice along for now and I am hoping I can personally testify to it working real soon!

Take care!

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