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 Re: broken and depressed
Nicola Stan    12:27pm Dec 4 2018

Hi Rosie,

I can completely empathize with you and your injury and feelings and depression...I have been there and live to tell the tale...

I'm Nicky, 4.5 months into broken tibia and fibia, 1 plate, 6 screws, 24 staples. July 26th will be etched into my memory for ever. I slipped on a step getting out of a hot tub in the garden - no booze involved either.....

My first few weeks involved sitting in the UK heatwave, with a wet towell round my head crying approx every hour, crying over stories, crying over tv adverts, crying for not enjoying the sun, crying out of frustration....basically just crying. I lost myself and my thoughts to my injury and did think I was losing my mind. I was lucky in that my sister came to stay for a few days to help out, and helped me back to a kind of sanity (mentally and physically).

One thing that kept me sane was my tomato plants - without my care from July 26th they.....flourished???? They grew mammoth - humungous plants that were not pruned or fed....They grew so much I couldn't see outside my window ?????? Anyway.....from August onwards the plants produced hundreds of tomatoes - I ate them in salads, made soup....Even without looking after them they grew and this is how I see my leg - it grew and mended without me doing much - sitting down, non weight baring for 6 weeks, then partial weight baring...

My heal seems to take its own time, doc could not see any healing for 4 months, which made me sad and frustrated a lot, its been a real roller coaster. But now, at 4.5 months I can say I've got over the tough times - you will too. x

I popped to see my GP about my despression and he was lovely, listened to me sniffle for 15 mins and we decided it was a 'temporary depression', and totally normal for an injury like mine.

I've made some new neighbour friends also....one stranger asked me what i did with my leg as I was hobbling on my daily walk, I burst into tears embarrasingly enough....She told me her story of her leg and now we say hello when we meet during our walks - her with her dog and me with my hobble.

Apoloigies for my spelling and my rambles.

I wish you all the best Rosie, we all have our stories, we all heal in different ways, if I can get through the first few weeks (I'm a cryer, a worrier, risk averse, negative - basically a poor patient) But I also still have my humour...luckily for my own sanity. I also love adventure....biking, hiking, kyacking - this I have not been able to do from July 26th to date, but I will.....And you will return also to your normal life after a temporary blip in your tappestry of life.

Good luck Nicky x

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