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 Re: Tibia not healing
Nicola Stan    12:44pm Dec 4 2018

Thank you Beth,

That is amazing information!!!!!!!!! I love cooking, it was the first thing I did when I came home from hospital - get in my wheelchair and wheel around my kitchen and cook....it was a tad messy though!!! Like a bomb site to be truthful.

It sounds very interesting and I bet you can get cheap bones from the butches, bung some veg, few herbs and voila!! In oven for a bit....a lovely bone both soup. I'm going to the butchers tomorrow!!

When the doc said my bone was not healing I started to take vit d tablets, I stuffed myself full of sardines, salmon and fish in general, drank milk like I did when I was a child, ate lots of watercress salad, lots of greek yoghurt, almonds - and I think it may have helped and 6 weeks later my doc said my bone was 50% healed....WOOOHOOO....Such a great feeling after 4 months of nothing.

Thank you very much for your suggestion Beth and all the very very best with your healing. Have you something that keeps you amused during your injury time?

Nicky x

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