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 Re: Tibia not healing
Beth T    8:29am Dec 19 2018

Hi Nicky,

I'm glad you appreciated my telling you about bone broth. If you are on Facebook, you should look up the group bone broth sippers. You will find all kinds of recipes, tips and other useful information about bone broth.

I am holding off on cooking it myself right now and, though it's very expensive, buying already made broth. A wheelchair would be useful to have in the kitchen. I am on crutches and have to lean against the counter on my good side for balance and my leg gets tired after a while. I also have a chair in the kitchen so I can sit down and do things as well and I sometimes push myself around the kitchen in it. I am just cooking simple things from now and don't want to bother with a big pot of liquid.

The something that has been keeping me amused during my injury time is Bravo television...a very guilty pleasure! I love to read but I have been finding my mind wandering because my head is so full of myself right now! Bravo provides the escape I need. Luckily, though, I work from home and my husband came up with a system to get down to my basement where my office is. At first, I was trying to work at the dining room table but that was too inefficient if I was home alone and didn't have someone to retrieve a file or something from the printer.

At any rate, I am glad you are finally healing and I hope the bone broth can aid in speeding up the process! Wishing you 100% at your next appointment!


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