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 Re: To Be Back Again-11 years post TPF6
Henri    6:10pm Jan 21 2019

Hello Leigh Ann and hello Katrinaj... it's been a very long time! Katrina left a lovely note recently in my blog at www.cancercoupleblog.com - Thanks so much for your kind words. To be honest, I do not remember the last time I was here on MBL. There's been a *lot* of water over the dam... Katrina, I hope your ct scan was favorable. Good luck with whatever the future brings.

I'm sorry that both of you are having knee problems *again* after so many years. Mine is now over 13 years, has been bone on bone since the ORIF but I pamper my leg and though it still bothers me in the evenings, especially if I have been on my feet a lot during the say, I still believe I can put off the TKR even longer. Leigh Ann, good luck with your TKR if you must proceed with it. I do remember that "ice pick" under the knee cap feeling.

I suppose I have been fortunate, at least as far as the TPF goes. My other knee has been starting to "complain" over the past few years from doing more work than the BL side. But there have been more pressing matters to deal with. I am approaching several anniversaries regarding my cancer and now hoping that is behind me also. The BL was but the first in a series of life altering events.

Good luck to you both, and I will maybe try to not be such a stranger!

8-07-05 - tripped at work, L TPF Type VI, shattered tib, snapped fib
8-08-05 - ext fixator
8-18-05 - ORIF: 2 plates 13 screws, total meniscectomy
9-20-07 - HWR

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 To Be Back Again-11 years post TPF6  new
Leigh Ann  2:49pm Nov 13 2018
 Re: To Be Back Again-11 years post TPF6  new
katrinaj  3:46am Jan 13 2019
 Re: To Be Back Again-11 years post TPF6  new
Henri  6:10pm Jan 21 2019
 Re: To Be Back Again-11 years post TPF6  new
Leigh Ann  11:50am Jan 22 2019

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17 September 2019