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 Is my doctor too easy going?? Help!!
MaKayla    4:58pm Feb 18 2019

Hey guys!
Cast came off today! GROSS did my foot look disgusting! I am lathering that thing in lotion for the next 6 years!! My small incision on top of my foot looks worrisome to the doctors so they are having me keep it dry and covered for 2 weeks to see if it scabs over. If it doesn't by next week, I'm getting an antibiotic. I have too many allergies to be put on one now if it's not 100 percent infected.
The reason why I am writing is because I suffered a Trimaleoular(spelling) fracture. THREE ankle bones were broken. I am only 6 weeks out from surgery and he wants be walking on it with just this little stirrup brace and told me I am okay to drive as long as I am wearing the brace. He wants me full weight baring at the end of the week with it on. He also gave me a CAM boot that I can wear if not driving if I want but thinks the brace will be just fine. Does this sound right???? I feel like I should be taking this much more seriously!
That being said, I did drive today. I have all the motion of the pedals in my foot and I made a few "practice" emergency stops and did so just fine. I also have been walking with the aid of crutches... I mean, I'm just doing as the doctor says but anyone have experience with this????
He said I can drive, I can make emergency stops with little pain and I have therapy. So I'm planning on driving myself to therapy at least.
He didn't even want to give me therapy!! Said I could just do things at home. Only when I asked (and practically begged) did he give the the prescription. I have alot of scar tissue that I can feel when I move my ankle to do exercises. I know my therapists can help with that. I was going to be excused for work today but because its workmans comp he cant for another two weeks. WHAT??

Well thanks for the input!! I'm going to just keep doing as I am told but I feel like he's super easy going and I am worried its dangerous.. everything I read says people are not walking or driving until the 3 month mark. I have a trip in 5 weeks that he said I will be fine to drive and walk on a beach... practically laughed when I asked. Thanks for the help!

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 Is my doctor too easy going?? Help!!  new
MaKayla  4:58pm Feb 18 2019
 Re: Is my doctor too easy going?? Help!!  new
Embonious  6:12am Feb 19 2019
 Re: Is my doctor too easy going?? Help!!  new
MaKayla  3:31pm Feb 19 2019

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