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 Re: feeling re-energized
Nicola Stan    2:24pm Mar 12 2019

Hiya Emily :-)

I'm doing ok thank you, how are you doing? I hope on the 'up and up' still.

I have a hospital appointment next week and I'm going to have a chat about getting the nails removed from my ankle area as it seems like I can feel inside tendons constantly 'pulling' and stretching internally and range of movement still hurts quite a lot when I turn my foot inwards and upwards.

I've been looking after my leg by not going on mammoth walks and thinking realistically about the time it will take to get my life back to normal. In fact, I've been thinking quite a bit....mainly about the garden and this year we are growing tons of vegetables and fruit from scratch so my windowsills are full of seedlings either erupting or waiting to erupt. We are going to grow 5 hanging baskets of strawberries, and pots of tomatoes, cucumbers, red hot chillis, beans, lettuce and lemons.

My hubby also made a compost bin, so all my cooking peelings have been going in and its nearly full!!

We have blue tits snooping in the bird house, green and gold finches finches which I'v never seen before and our small wild flower meadow patch is erupting also....

I'm 'ok'....a little down in spirits for no reason at all, trying not to over think and trying to meditate each day.

How are you? How is your music coming along? And more importantly how is your leg and any more panic type of attacks during your commute?

Hubby and I saw a huge shooting star the other night, probably detritus hitting the atmosphere, but wow, 3 seconds of falling bright light in the sky - you are supposed to wish when you see one, I did and I bet you can guess what I wished for....

Take lots and lots of care

Nicky x

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