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 Re: feeling re-energized
Embonious    2:10pm Mar 14 2019

Hi Nicky!
The way you describe your house and garden is so lovely and soothing- I can really picture it in my mind's eye. Your planned veggie garden sounds delicious- especially fresh lemons! I can't wait for summer and tastier food as well.
The falling star sounds beautiful also, and your wish! :)
It sounds very springlike in your area- it has been here also, and today it was spitting typical March rain while I went to physical therapy- not so pleasant.
I am doing well, generally feeling in better spirits and pretty energized by the fact that I'm able to move my body more. I still feel timid about being out and about, thankfully no panic attacks on public transport for a few weeks now!
I'm at a point where I feel like I need to push my limits, but I have the same feeling you describe- just feeling afraid of so much more than I'm used to. I still take my crutches with me, like a security blanket, most of the time I leave the house. I made my mind up today to stop doing that unless I'm having an exceptionally painful day, but I hate how slow I am when crossing streets.. as I was hit in a crosswalk, it's pretty easy to imagine in happening again.
I am also wondering about the timeline of my recovery... it's feeling pretty hard to even plan simple things, like a holiday, because I don't know if it would even be fun. For now I have one trip planned in June-July, to visit family, and I hope I will be fit enough to do some easy hiking. My physical therapist said it's a good challenge, but I do feel like I should try not to get my hopes up too high.
I hope you're having a lovely evening!! It's such a pleasure to stay in touch with you through this whole ordeal :) xo

14 Sept 2018- hit by car, compound open tib/fib fracture, emergency surgery IM nail + 5 screws
19 Sept 2018- released from hospital, NWB
22 Oct 2018- allowed max 30% PWB
04 Dec 2018- working towards 100% WB indoors
18 Feb 2019- First steps!

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