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 Intermittant numbing and pain post fibula break
Nicole Cerise    1:08pm Mar 30 2019

Hello! I broke my first bone (right fibula) at the age of 45 while vacationing in a remote jungle region 13 days ago. Due to the location where it happened, It wasn't x-rayed until 7 days ago.

-The urgent care doc said that it's a broken fibula that is displaced due to the hobbling around that I had to do on it and said I'd likely need surgery.

-The radiologist read the x-ray differently stating it is an "complete oblique nondisplaced fracture of the distal fibula with overlying soft tissue swelling."

I've had a boot and crutches since the urgent care visit. I saw the orthopedic surgeon 2 days ago.

-He said it is a somewhat displaced fracture, but not enough to warrant surgery.

The swelling had gone down and I told him that it was feeling great! He said that I was able to walk with the boot, without crutches. I left his office free of crutches, happy as can be. Then at home, I felt a shift in the ankle. Now I have mild to severe (fluctuating), intermittent tarsal area pain accompanied by intermittent cold, tingling and toe numbness! I called the ortho office to inform Friday afternoon, but never heard back. Is this normal? Does anybody have any advise beyond not putting any weight on it? I have no idea how to advocate for myself, because I know not what is normal or abnormal in this healing process. Thank you for reading.

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 Intermittant numbing and pain post fibula break  new
Nicole Cerise  1:08pm Mar 30 2019
 Re: Intermittant numbing and pain post fibula break  new
Nicola Stan  6:37am Apr 6 2019
 Re: Intermittant numbing and pain post fibula break  new
Nicole Cerise  1:17pm Apr 22 2019

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