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 Re: Tibia plateau fracture
Petros    2:28am Mar 31 2019

Hi Jody,
as you can see in my signature iím in the same situation as you.I realized i have to fight with my fears and my body in order to achieve progress.Just be patient and positive as much as you can and things will get better.
In present tiime iím trying to walk on crutches and struggling i can stand on my feet.In what phase are you at the moment?
Wishing you the best,

07 Sept 2018 Motorcycle accident TIB/FIB plateau FX cat.VI
20 Sept 2018 Surgery 17 screws-2 plates,fiberglass Back Slab
20 Nov 2018 Back Slab removed
14 Dec 2018 Started PT sessions
09 Feb 2019 MUA,back slab to force my ankle at 90,PT again

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