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 Re: Tibia plateau fracture
Nicola Stan    6:18am Apr 6 2019

Hi Jody,

I wanted to reply to you as I had / have similar feelings - I broke my tib and fib, metal plate and screws and 23 staples last July so I am about 8 months 'in'. I also led / lead an active life - mountain biking, sea kyacking, scuba, hiking and haven't really done too much since my leg, which depressed me quite a lot. I spent a lot of time reminiscing about my 'past life' and wondering about my future life - what activities will I actually be able to get back into, what level ect and I found those thoughts quite depressing. Somebody said to me that I should try and focus on the here and now, so my activities have changed - my garden is my wildlife garden, I didn't know we had such an array of wild birds and don't get me started on the insects....We have lots of stars and shooting stars!!!!!! We haven't got a huge garden, its quite small but boy have I packed it out - it's my adventure garden!!!! I think what I am trying to say is who knows what the future holds?? But.....you will recover, if you think of your break as a graph - bottom is the breakage, top if the mending and your recovery is the line between bottom and top - it's not linear and it gets wobbly - one day you are thinking 'yes I am really recovering'....the next, 'F*ck this break, i'm depressed.....and the next day....and so on. I see my recovery as like kyacking, there are some bloody big scary waves, but you have the strength to 'ride it out' sometimes, then there is a lull and it's quiet for a time and then BOOM.....I don't know if I am out of the woods just yet, but I am settling with my emotional pain,I think I have accepted my break and changed my way of thinking, not so much pining for my old life and activities. I know one lady on here who has learned to play the guitar, I have so much respect for an activity like that. Find what you love and use that to help you through the tough times, even if its just watching Netflix or whatever. I cook also....I've made some majestic meals during my break, my husband is now quite fat, I am also because of my reduced activities, so we are fat together which , although not healthy, just for this time in our lives is sort of funny.....Take care Jody and remember this is your recovery and do exactly what the fu** you think is good for you. all the best Nicky x

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