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 Re: Tibia plateau fracture
Joleen    2:39pm Apr 6 2019

Jody, few talk about the emotional pain of a broken leg, or other bone(s). Iím a very positive, Type A, upbeat kinda gal, and my tib fib fractures have brought me to tears more than once. Not often do I have a pity party of one. (Donít like others to see me down either). Iím 7 weeks in and have come to understand, and accept, that a bone crusher is also a spirit crusher. Once I really accepted that fact, stopped being so hard on myself for feeling down, or allowing a cry periodically, I came to better terms with the emotional part of this predicament. Because, yes, there is a huge emotional part (I mean itís a ridiculously long healing process that simply isnít any fun...and thatís not just the pain. Youíre not alone. If this type of injury makes anyone cheerful, I need to meet that person. Glad you brought it up. I wouldnít shy away from telling your doctor or asking for anti-depressants. Bones break, and so do spirits.


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