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 Re: what's typical healing time
Embonious    9:17am Apr 18 2019

Hi Therese,

Sorry to hear about your injury- I completely understand how you feel. I was desperately trying to find info on healing time, but unfortunately it is true that it's so variable and individual that there's nothing that can truly predict it for you.
I was hit by a car, and as a result had a compound open fracture of the fib/tib with additional severe soft tissue damage to the leg- my fracture was "the best worst case scenario" according to the doc- it wasn't as bad as it could have been, thankfully. I did not have a cast because my leg needed a lot of monitoring and had pretty extreme swelling for the first several months, so I just had ORIF holding everything in place, which was a strange experience to have such a vulnerable limb so exposed.
My healing timeline: after about 8-10 weeks I was given permission to work towards 30% weight bearing; after about 12-14 weeks I was given permission to work towards 100% weight bearing, and I successfully started hobbling without crutches after about week 16 or 18. I can't remember when exactly I stopped taking regular pain killers, but I'm pretty sure it was sometime towards the end of my first month that I was able to stop taking them at regular intervals.
I just passed month 7 and my fractures are still healing, neither fast nor slow, but right on schedule, according to my surgeon. The tibia is faster than the fib by far, as it's the primary weight bearer. I am walking, only using crutches occasionally for assisted walking during tough days. I am slow and a bit stiff and still feeling a bit of pain plus swelling at the end of the day, but it's way better. I'm able to go to work, shop, etc by myself. My healing accelerated when I was consistently able to bear weight at 100% without prohibitive pain.
To emphasize, because I know my timeline may look bleak, or at least would have to me had I read this in the beginning of my injury- my fracture was pretty severe and the internal damage and bleeding in my leg and my other injuries also slowed my healing time. it was really tough at times to have no idea when things would be normal- honestly, I still feel this regularly but it's not nearly as intense as it was in the first few months of my fracture when I wasn't walking. I hope you are doing ok despite the circumstances, and I really hope your work is understanding that you may need a longer period of recovery time. Work stress is no fun during recovery but unfortunately that's hard to avoid.
Sending you healing thoughts!

14 Sept 2018- hit by car, compound open tib/fib fracture, ORIF surgery to insert IM nail + 5 screws
19 Sept 2018- released from hospital, no cast, NWB
22 Oct 2018- 30% PWB, started physio
04 Dec 2018- working towards 100% WB indoors

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