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 Tips for crutches?
Michael.B    6:29am Apr 25 2019

Can anyone help with crutches?
I was told several times after I had got my temporary plaster put on not to put any weight on my leg whatsoever or even allow my toes to rest on the floor when using my crutches.
The difficulty is that they’ve plastered my ankle and foot in such a manner that my toes point directly to the floor when I use the crutches and also my knee is immobilised inside the plaster so I’m not able to bend it at all to move my toes up? If that makes sense?
I called the plaster room earlier this morning and explained the problem I’m havin and the nurse got my details up and reiterated not to put weight on my leg or eat my toes on the floor.
She explained the type of plaster I’m in is called a ‘full leg equinus’ cast and is, unhelpfully, the most difficult one to be in for using crutches which I’ve kind of worked out for myself now.
She advised the best way to use my crutches and keep my toes off the floor are to 1) cover my toes with a sock over the cast end to stop them getting bumped if I accidentally knock them and 2) hitch my leg at my hip to raise my cast up and keep my toes off the floor.
Is there anything else to do?

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 Tips for crutches?  new
Michael.B  6:29am Apr 25 2019
 Re: Tips for crutches?  new
Nicola Stan  5:29am Apr 28 2019
 Re: Tips for crutches?  new
Edzen Espina  1:07am Apr 29 2019
 Re: Tips for crutches?  new
Michael Davison  10:11am Apr 29 2019
 Re: Tips for crutches?  new
Michael.B  3:00pm Apr 29 2019

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