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 Re: Broken rib & fib - pressure when stand up
Nicola Stan    5:44am Apr 28 2019

Hi LH,

Commiserations on your breakage, I hope you are keeping as comfortable as possible in these early circumstances.

I broke my tib and fib last July and I was constantly aware of all pain / feelings in the beginning which interrupted most of my thinking in the early days. I elevated my leg pretty much constantly with pillows, and every time my leg was not elevated (popping to the loo, shower ect) my leg felt like it was bursting also, it used to go extremely red and looked like blood was rushing to my leg, this felt like to happened for at least 4 months for me. Breakages is very personal to each person, this is just my experience.

I found because my thoughts were constantly being interrupted by pain and worries, finding activities that my mind could focus on instead was really helpful. Being so stuck to my sofa I watched quite a lot of Netflix, luckily I hadn't watched hardly any programmes because I led such an active life before my breakage...I binge watched fantastic programmes, I found u tube amazing for looking at future holidays, there are quite a few free online courses - real random ones that I would not normally be interested in. I also got lost in looking at birds in my garden, I now know a lot of their activities because of lack of activity. Of course, this was interspersed with pain, but sometimes I used to think to myself, wow, I haven't thought of my leg for half an hour / an hour - this was a massive positive step for me.

The next time you feel physically able to eat breakfast at your kitchen table, get ready for an emotional time....Getting out into gaden for the fist time felt absolutely bloody fantastic!!! The step to the garden was such a challenge for me....but I looked on the net and somebody had recommended using a chair to help the step, Itried and it worked - another fantastic positive challenge for me to overcome.

CONGRATULATE yourself on each and every challenge you overcome, even if it is just sitting at your breakfast table - have a banquet on there to congratulate yourself...

Again, this is my personal journey, and your's may be totally different to mine. I sound loony sometimes, but hey my breakage has not made me any different to my usual self.

Good luck with your journey LH, hold on tight, it's going to be a bumpy ride in the beginning.

Nicky :-)

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