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 Re: Femur woes
Nicola Stan    6:09am Apr 28 2019

Hi Oddjob,

Breakage is a downer of usual activities is an understatement isn't it....each and every aspect of life is turned upside down for a period....

I'm nearly 9 months into breaking my tib and fib (last July) plate, screws and stapled up, scars to prove also!

I can't help with all of your questions as I did not break my femur but...

2. I walked after about 4.5 months in my air boot and crutches, I'm not back to my usual sporting activities as mine is a slow healer, fingers crossed soon. I have swum which felt great and have been on short hikes also. I am looking to get back on my bike soon hopefully.

5. Mentally I coped as well as I could. I have learn't coping strategies during this time - like keeping my mind occupied with activities I love. Mainly outdoor still (I am an activity outdoor person before my break! - scuba, kyacking,hiking...) but more outdoor nearer home !- my garden. Garden wildlife, creepy crawlies and star gazing - I've seen huge amounts of bumble bees that I never knew existed, I know we have over 20 species of birds coming into the garden, I've seen so many shooting stars - all of these things have kept my mind occupied and helped with me with the feeling of being outside...oh and I now have a vegetable patch from seed - fab for watching!!!!! Find something you love and experiment and challenge yourself to be interesting during your time spent more at home...that is how I honestly coped. I loved it so much I'm going to continue even when I fully recover and be able to do my outdoor activities again.

5. On the opposite end, I had a bit of a breakdown in the beginning,it's amazing what ones mind together with feeling of pain and despair can takes its toll. I tried to think of my break as a graph - bottom is breakage, top is healed and space in between is recovery. I now know it's not linear, it goes up and down. Remember to acknowledge that you may be in a 'low' period, which may be tough, but...will not last and other feelings will follow. Down periods may last a while, but have a chat with yourself, reassure yourself, allow yourself to acknowledge these feelings. Have at least one thing that you know will cheer yourself up, mine was having a bath with a bath bomb - even for 5 mins...made me feel good. Sometimes a bloody good cry helped, I even died my hair when I was angry with the world - bright red - husband had quite a shock! I continued food shopping, but online to cope with my inability to get out and cooked in my kitchen in a wheelchair - all of these things kept me sane. This is how I coped to the best of my ability. And this is my personal journey and experience. Each and every people are different.

As I said earlier, my break has been a slow healer, so hospital visits were followed by a down period for me, but I have learn't acceptance and patience - my leg will heal but in it's own time - I will get back to my kyacking and scuba diving but in it's own time - the sea will always be there and my boat will stay in the garden until ready, and when time is right watch out world, I'll be back with a vegence!! haha.

6. I was lucky and came off meds within the first month, I didn't need them during the day, and took them just to allow me no pain to sleep. The doctor reassured me that my leg had been so securely fixed together, even if I fell down the stairs it would not break anymore (?) This gave me confidence to understand that even if I knocked my leg it may hurt, but would not set back any type of recovery. I also think I have a high pain threshold, this may have helped me. I may just be tough :-) :-) (joke)

Take care Oddjob, look after yourself, be kind to yourself, you'll be back to activities shortly.

Nicky :-)

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 Femur woes  new
Oddjob  10:53am Apr 25 2019
 Re: Femur woes  new
Nicola Stan  6:09am Apr 28 2019

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