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 Re: Tips for crutches?
Michael Davison (199.198.223.---)   10:11am Apr 29 2019

Hey Michael - Sorry that you seem to be having a hard time with the crutches. I broke my Tib and Fib back in March. However, I was discharged after surgery without a cast. So moving with crutches was never a problem for me.

I know in the beginning when I first started using my crutches, my good leg would tire if I stayed in a fixed position for longer than 30 seconds. My hip-flexor on the broken leg would tire too. This has gotten better with time. Be patient! The mental side is probably the hardest obstacle to overcome during this process.

As Nicky mentioned, you may want to rent a wheelchair to get around the house or when needing to leave home. My wheelchair wouldnt fit through most doorways at my house, so it's been kinda useless for me. I'm fortunate that crutches have worked out though.

Hope you start feeling better soon!


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