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 Broken Fibula, Getting Surgery
Ric14    6:04pm May 2 2019

I'm 22 years old. About 3 or 4 days ago I was playing kickball of all things with some friends. Hadn't done it since elementary school, probably won't do it again.

When someone threw a ball at my feet to try and tag me out, I jumped up (while at a full sprint), contorted my legs to avoid the ball, and came down awkwardly, snapping my fibula in two at about an inch or so above my ankle.

Unfortunately, the bone didn't break very cleanly. It shifted downwards and formed a 6mm gap between my tibia and the top of my foot. The orthopaedic surgeon said that that might mean either a stretch of the ligament that holds together the tibia and fibula, or a tear of that same ligament.

Long story short, I'll be getting plates and screws installed tomorrow to become a partial cyborg.

Does anyone have experience with this type of surgery, and know what kind of post-surgery pain/recovery time I'll be experiencing? I'm otherwise perfectly healthy. Thanks!

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 Broken Fibula, Getting Surgery  new
Ric14  6:04pm May 2 2019
 Re: Broken Fibula, Getting Surgery  new
MaryAnn952  10:42am May 6 2019
 Re: Broken Fibula, Getting Surgery  new
ReneeT  6:46am May 10 2019
 Re: Broken Fibula, Getting Surgery  new
WB  3:59am May 15 2019
 Re: Broken Fibula, Getting Surgery  new
WB  8:57pm May 25 2019

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