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 Broken Ankle - Week 5 - Calf pain
Jacso    3:16pm May 7 2019

On 3rd April 2019 I had one of my Whippets run at me full speed and take my feet from under me, resulting in my ankle breaking in 2 places. I had surgery to insert a screw and 2 wires, was put in a cast for 6 weeks and told no weight bearing in this time.

5 weeks on and I've had some very low emotional points, but getting there in building determination to get strong and healthy. It is truly amazing the things in life we take for granted.

In the 5 weeks I've had my cast its been changed 4 times due to it rubbing on my heel. The pain came through the night and was unbearable, but finally resolved with thick padding put on my heel before cast applied. Im so happy to be sleeping a bit more contently through the night.

Ive now started getting twinges of calf pain, kind of feels a bit like muscle cramp. It's not constant, but I'm still concerned about DVT. Looking it up and symptoms include pain, swelling a discoloration of skin. My leg and foot swells anyway when I'm up on my crutches for too long. How can i tell if i cant see under my cast and experiencing some of the other symptoms anyway?

I'm not sure if I'm just being paranoid about DVT. Has anyone else experienced calf pain at this point of being in a cast?


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 Broken Ankle - Week 5 - Calf pain  new
Jacso  3:16pm May 7 2019

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