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 Re: Broken Fibula - Leg brace or cast?
Nicole Cerise    7:03pm May 8 2019

Hello, Michael. I broke my fibula on March 17th. Oblique fracture near the ankle. Like you, I didnít see the doctor until over a week later because I was out of the country when it happened and I assumed it was a terrible sprain or a torn tendon. At my first visit, he told me the same. It was only slightly displaced and since Iíd been limping around for so long, he just had me wear a boot. The doc said I could drive and sleep without it, but wear it when walking and that I could bare weight, so I did. He wanted to see me in a month. When I returned with my swollen, painful foot, he said it had moved and admonished me for walking on it! He said that I was on the cusp of needing surgery. Frustrated, I showed him the after care report where he said I could bare weight. I had since found out that he is more liberal with the instructions than other docs. I wished I was put in a cast, as other people that Iíve talked to with a similar injury were. My advise to you, regardless of doctor instructions, keep weight off as much as possible. I return tomorrow for another x-ray and hope for more progress than last time as I kept the weight off. Good luck to you. I hope that you heal fast!

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 Broken Fibula - Leg brace or cast?  new
Michael Monaghan  2:50am May 5 2019
 Re: Broken Fibula - Leg brace or cast?  new
SMM  9:07am May 5 2019
 Re: Broken Fibula - Leg brace or cast?  new
Nicole Cerise  7:03pm May 8 2019

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