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 Re: Checking in - mood dipped, full length cast and fracture clinic tomorrow
Nicola Stan    2:16pm May 31 2019

Hey Michael B, your doing ok....it's expected unfortunately - the 'low stage'.....If you read some of my posts from when I first broke my leg I think my first post was a bit jokes, I was sort of getting used to sitting around for a few days and posted.....and immediately after I sort of had a nervous breakdown - I was so angry I phoned my father and game perhaps the most sweary explosive conversation and series of text message I've ever had in my whole life - he came around at 7am the very next day as he knew I lost it, same with my sister....My husband said he thought of leaving me every day and left me on my own all day and night long when I was first bed bound....great for the old emotions heh!!?? You need to relax.......focus the mind on something!!!!Anything!!!!Anything you fancy....mine was American Horror story on Netflix, the whole ten seasons I think - I didn;t care, anything to lose my brain in....then cooking took over - luckily my wheel chair just squeezed through my kitchen door to allow me independence, so I cooked and cooked, any old crap,but I cooked. Xmas dinner was stupendous!!!!!!! Then came the garden, my own little garden, tons of bees I never knew we had, spiders, and bats....SEE, its easy to immerse yourself in 'nothing'....it helped me, everybody has their own break a leg story, everybody heals in their own way....Make your own story unique for yourself even if it's as boring as fu**. Take care and look after yourself at this time. Nicky

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 Checking in - mood dipped, full length cast and fracture clinic tomorrow  new
Michael.B  3:20pm May 30 2019
 Re: Checking in - mood dipped, full length cast and fracture clinic tomorrow  new
Nicola Stan  2:16pm May 31 2019

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14 October 2019