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 Re: Long leg cast??
zd80 (50.32.200.---)   6:04am Jun 2 2019

Hi Telisha. Sorry to hear about your injury. I am also in a full leg cast. I fractured my ankle, fractured my tibia and suffered a grade 2 high ankle sprain of my left leg about 3 1/2 weeks ago. It has definitely been a tough challenge to try and get used to. The first 10 days or so I was in a full leg, backslab splint to allow for the swelling....it really sucked! This was by far the worst part so far! My leg hurt almost all the time and it was extremely difficult and painful getting around. I pretty much stayed parked on either the couch or bed when I was in the splint because it was where my leg seemed to hurt the least. Make sure and ice your leg a lot to help with the swelling during your first few weeks or so. My leg would swell and start hurting anytime I got up to crutch someplace so I really didn't like to move around any more than I had to. Then 2 weeks ago I went back to the ortho for my first follow up appointment and they put me in a full leg fiberglass cast. While I still had pain, it was certainly better than the splint. I was also reluctant to use a wheelchair at first but it has allowed me to move and get around much more pain free than the crutches did.
Take it easy on yourself during these first few weeks of your injury. They are the toughest. Wishing you Happy Healing as well! zd80

5/7/19- suffered fractured ankle, grade 2 high ankle sprain, and fractured tibia. Full leg backslab splint.
5/17/19- 1st ortho appt. No surgery, fiberglass LLC NWB
6/1/19- 2nd LLC NWB
6/29/19- LLWC applied minimal WB
7/20/19- SLC applied

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