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 Just checking in
zd80 (50.32.200.---)   12:46pm Jun 16 2019

Hi everyone, I haven't posted for a little while so I thought I'd check in. I've been stopping by periodically to read everyone's up updates and posts and it's great to see that a few of us are getting healthy and healing up! Good job! On the other hand, I know there's many of us who still have a long road to go yet in their recovery. You'll get there, it just takes some time. I'm somewhere in between I guess? I'm not at the beginning anymore, and I'm certainly not at the end...yet, but I'd like to think I'm hopefully halfway or more!? While I'm still in my second full leg cast, ( 3rd if you want to count the splint I was in for the first week and a half after my injury ) and NWB for who knows how much longer, each day gets me closer and closer to my next ortho appointment and hopefully closer to full recovery and freedom for my leg and me! I am rapidly beginning to look forward to my next appointment in two weeks in the hope that my leg will be well enough to get out of this full leg cast and into something that will allow me to bend my knee again!! I realize I will still likely require a shorter cast or...dare I even think it....a boot! But I'm ok with that. I would view it as significant progress!
I continue to try to use my crutches more and more to get around on in the attempt to eventually ditch the wheelchair all together, but still find myself using it fairly often. I feel like...as long as I'm in the long cast, it's just WAY easier.
I've been getting out of the house a bit more lately also. Nothing crazy or exciting but its just nice to get out. I've been shopping a few times with my girlfriend, went to the dentist for a cleaning and check-up, we even went out to eat a couple of times! It was nice and we both had a good time. Plus, I felt it was great for my girlfriend to have a few nights off so to speak and not have to worry about cooking something for dinner. I know she appreciated it too.

5/7/19- fractured ankle, grade 2 high ankle sprain, and fractured tibia. Full leg backslab splint.
5/17/19- 1st ortho appt. No surgery, fiberglass LLC NWB
6/1/19- 2nd LLC NWB
6/29/19- LLWC applied minimal WB
7/20/19- SLC applied

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 Just checking in  new
zd80  12:46pm Jun 16 2019
 Re: Just checking in  new
WB  8:18am Jun 17 2019
 Re: Just checking in  new
zd80  5:22pm Jun 17 2019

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12 December 2019