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 Bimalleolar 9 years after Trimalleolar
TDH    12:24am Jun 23 2019

In 2010 I had a dislocated trimalleolar fracture. (I never healed well because so much soft tissue didnít heal well and became calcified and very quickly developed the arthritis). I am now awaiting surgery for what I have been told is a bimalleolar fracture. And yes, I had the hardware removed. And interestingly, the new ortho Dr said that many of the screw holes had not filled in. I actually passed out or perhaps had a seizure due to my CNS lupus while leaving a medical building. I canít drive now. Was just walking out to my waiting husband. When I came to a kind gentleman tried to help me up and I stood on the broken ankle and fell back. And then I thought it was just sprained so I walked with my husband to the car. Once I looked at my ankle I knew it was broken. (You know what I mean - you look down and itís at an awkward angle and a bone looks like it may poke out at any moment?)And then of course you can tell by the way they treat you in triage, it isnít good as it continues to swell and bruise like crazy.

The dr says I am at risk of a non-union due to the previous break, but mainly because of the medications I am taking for my lupus that Is affecting my brain/nervous system.

1ĖHas anyone else experienced a fracture followed by another on the same ankle?

2- Also, the ortho is going to harvest my marrow from a hip bone and put my own stem cells in the ankle during surgery to promote healing. Has anyone had this?

3- Lastly, has anyone else with an autoimmune disease who is on high doses of immunosuppressive drugs healed well or poorly after a break requiring surgery? I am not in good health and have gained approximately 50 pounds due to the steroids.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice. My surgery is this Tuesday.

6/17/19 Bimalleolar Fracture with dislocation-ORIF (Right ankle)
12/17/10 Trimalleolar Fracture with dislocation-ORIF (Right ankle)

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 Bimalleolar 9 years after Trimalleolar  new
TDH  12:24am Jun 23 2019
 Re: Bimalleolar 9 years after Trimalleolar  new
SMM  12:49pm Jul 3 2019
 Re: Bimalleolar 9 years after Trimalleolar  new
TDH  2:28am Jul 8 2019
 Re: Bimalleolar 9 years after Trimalleolar  new
SMM  12:00pm Jul 9 2019

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