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 Saturday's ortho appt. Update
zd80 (50.32.247.---)   10:48am Jul 21 2019

Went back for another scheduled appointment with my ortho doctor yesterday morning. It's been 3 weeks since my last visit and 10 1/2 weeks since my injury occurred. During that entire length of time, my leg has been stuck in one of a variety of different full leg casts that have been applied. I had hoped that at my appointment 3 weeks ago,I was going to be downgraded to a below the knee short leg cast, but no such luck. At the time my doctor had said that despite my ankle fracture looking like it was pretty much healed, she wanted to see a little more bone growth in my tibia fracture before she felt comfortable enough to give me a shorter cast. Instead I got put into a full leg walking cast that I was only allowed to put "minimal weight "on.
Well, 3 weeks later and my doctor says my x-rays look great! So much so that I was FINALLY able to ditch the full leg cast!!!:):):) I can bend my knee again!!!:):):)
I was so happy I almost cried when she said I was getting a short cast!! It seems like so long ago that my injury occurred and yesterday I finally felt like I was truly getting better. I realize I STILL have a ways to go, but getting out of the full leg cast felt really "BIG" to me, and a personal goal I was overjoyed to achieve.
I am scheduled to go back for yet another appointment with the ortho doctor in 4 more weeks. And much like the last cast I had, they put a cast shoe on this one. My orders are to slowly begin increasing weight bearing with the goal to hopefully pretty much ween myself totally off crutches by my next appointment. She wants me to "go slow" and not push it, as it's not absolutely imperative to be completely "crutch free" by my next appointment ( though it's a goal I have set for myself ) . However, she expects to see "significant" progression by then. Saying I was excited to hear that would be a dramatic understatement!! I know it's a few weeks off, but being able to walk on 2 feet again without the aid of a wheelchair or crutches is within sight!!!:):) I haven't felt this excited in a long time!

5/7/19- fractured ankle, grade 2 high ankle sprain, and fractured tibia. Full leg backslab splint.
5/17/19- 1st ortho appt. No surgery, fiberglass LLC NWB
6/1/19- 2nd LLC NWB
6/29/19- LLWC applied minimal WB
7/20/19- SLC applied

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 Saturday's ortho appt. Update  new
zd80  10:48am Jul 21 2019
 Re: Saturday's ortho appt. Update  new
Annette T  7:36am Jul 22 2019
 Re: Saturday's ortho appt. Update  new
zd80  4:24pm Jul 23 2019
 Re: Saturday's ortho appt. Update  new
Annette T  7:57am Jul 24 2019
 Re: Saturday's ortho appt. Update  new
WB  1:57pm Jul 22 2019
 Re: Saturday's ortho appt. Update  new
zd80  4:32pm Jul 23 2019
 Re: Saturday's ortho appt. Update  new
Nicola Stan  5:38am Jul 27 2019

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