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 Re: Saturday's ortho appt. Update
zd80 (50.32.247.---)   4:24pm Jul 23 2019

Thanks Annette:) Its funny but, I had a lot of the same questions and for lack of a better term...views of my situation as you seem to. I also had a bunch of questions that in hindsight I wanted to ask the doctors immediately after my injury. But as most people who have had to deal with the scenario of just breaking their leg for the first time, the chaos of the whole hospital situation, and then the "shock" of, being told you've broken your leg and you'll be non-weight bearing for however long already know, we're not really thinking 100% clearly at that moment. Lol. There's a ton you think of later when you're sitting there with your leg on a huge pile of pillows though! Lol. And just like you, I tend to look to my next appointment as the goal to reach, and then the next, and so on. I always felt like if I looked at the entirety of it, it would seem extremely daunting and there would be the potential of getting "down" or depressed about it.

Don't worry, I'm feeling very hesitant about putting any real weight on my leg as well. While I have been putting very minimal weight on it for the last couple weeks, it's only been basically putting the foot of my cast on the ground when crutching. The crutches have been supporting probably 90% of me. I'm going to go really slow with this at first I think. If it hurts...I'll do less, if not...I'm ok. I will certainly keep you informed on how it's going. :)

5/7/19- fractured ankle, grade 2 high ankle sprain, and fractured tibia. Full leg backslab splint.
5/17/19- 1st ortho appt. No surgery, fiberglass LLC NWB
6/1/19- 2nd LLC NWB
6/29/19- LLWC applied minimal WB
7/20/19- SLC applied

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 Saturday's ortho appt. Update  new
zd80  10:48am Jul 21 2019
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Annette T  7:36am Jul 22 2019
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zd80  4:24pm Jul 23 2019
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WB  1:57pm Jul 22 2019
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zd80  4:32pm Jul 23 2019
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Nicola Stan  5:38am Jul 27 2019

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10 December 2019