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 Post Boot Pain - Lateral malleolus fx, no surgery
Pebbles    10:52am Jul 25 2019

Iím back!

Almost 3 years to the date of my last working in the garden left fibula fracture I fractured my right lateral malleolus doing what else - yard work! On 5-16-19 I walked across a pool leaf cover that I thought was over the concrete walkway but was covering the pool. Like walking off a cliff, I vertically fell into the shallow end smashing my foot into one of the concrete steps.

Fortunately I didnít drown, get tangled up in the cover or succumb to hypothermia before I managed to crawl like a seal out of the pool. Since I couldnít put weight on my leg I had to log roll through my yard, pull myself up a staircase, log roll over the deck and into the house to call a friend.

During all this ordeal I once again learned my best friend is no Lassie!

The fracture was stable and was non-weight bearing in a boot for 7 weeks. I returned to ďnormalĒ stuff over a few days but I have had to curtail due to severe burning, stinging and tingling around the ankle bone, down to toes and sometimes up my calf.

I decided to start physical therapy and the PT said it sounds like pain from re-awakening the foot and just to take it slowly.

I have fallen into a pattern of going out and doing low key activities then needing 3 days of almost no activity to recuperate. Wearing the boot seems to help for the first day, icing not so much, 4 advil take about an hour to work. There isnít any appreciable swelling.

Interestingly with this fracture I had minimal pain and was non-weight bearing compared to the fibular fracture when I was in excrutiating pain for 2-3 weeks but was declared weight bearing as tolerated immediately.

Iím not thrilled with the ortho or the PT. I have stopped the PT and I am considering going to major teaching hospital 3 hours away for 2nd opinion.

Anybody have any ideas or similar experiences and how to manage?

Thank you all so much for being here.

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 Post Boot Pain - Lateral malleolus fx, no surgery  new
Pebbles  10:52am Jul 25 2019
 Re: Post Boot Pain - Lateral malleolus fx, no surgery  new
Nicola Stan  5:56am Jul 27 2019

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12 December 2019