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 Re: not healing at all
Nicola Stan    5:50am Jul 27 2019

It's a confusing time with all the doc / hospital appointments Nina, I was always asking for 'lamens' tearms from the doctor, and whenever he suggested something I would say 'like this' and show him, he could see difficulties and would make other suggestions. Keep the faith about time taking to heal, your body / leg heals in it's own way, my leg showed no sign of healing for 4 months and I was not looking forward to my 4 month appointment....but......all of a sudden it showed 40% healed - I put it down to my diet, I gorged on fish, milk, yoghurts, nuts, anything that was 'good for bones' - even made bone broth!!!!!! My doctor told me with the type of break I had and perhaps my age my broken tibia was a slow healer....I say he is stubborn - doesn't matter what excersize I do, he decided to heal in his own sweet time and he has!!!!!! He still aches and creaks but my anniversary was yesterday and me now compared to where I was a year ago, people don't even realise I've broken my leg!!!!! Anyway Nina, what I'm trying to say is you can't rush mending, but you could help it along with diet - I wonder what % your leg will be mended next time you go to the doc's??????? Your leg will have healed believe me!!!!!! Relax and do something you can do? I cooked lots, and star gazed a lot - didn't even realise we get so many shooting stars, I also enjoyed waking up with the birds....I am back to work in a better job than before my break as I also made some decisions in my life...my break gave me time to think about my life in general....Positive thoughts helped my healing, keeping busy in thoughts also, and not letting worry take over, be the best mate you can to yourself, keep telling yourself this break is a temporary blip in the big schemes for you life, this time 6 months.....this time 1 year.....all the very best Nina, keep posting - I love reading about the changes and healing stories x x

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