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 Re: Anxious about next Monday
Kate B    8:37am Aug 1 2019

I am so sorry to hear of your injury. It wonít be an easy next few months. I assuming your pelvis/ hips have injuries too if they are talking about casting that high up. I have only read about such cases and donít have any direct experience, so I can only imagine what you are going through. There was someone on here a while back who wrote a bit about being put in a cast that sounds like what you will get. You might be able to search it.

Take care of your mental health, by being as mentally active as you can. I imagine right now you feel pretty tired as your body goes through the initial healing stages. Sleep when you need too. I hope you have access to a TV. I found a few good series to watch on Netflix. Holding a book might be awkward but if you can get a tablet positioned above you, reading an e-book, or even listening to audio books would be a good use of time. As you feel more up to it try to find some creative things to do. I did a big cross stitch project while I was healing from my broken ankle. Maybe take an online course.

I know you life has been turned upside down, but try not to stress about what is out of your control. Your job right now is to heal.

Sending healing thoughts your way.

4/18/16 Tripped - Sprained left ankle, broke right - displaced oblique fib fx, dislocated tibiotalar joint, fx med. malleolus
4/25 ORIF 1 plate, 8 screws, ligament repair
6/6 boot, 50%WB
6/20 FWB, PT
Driving at the 3 month mark, continuing improvement

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