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 Peripheral nerve damage pain
Jade2020 (172.243.177.---)   6:59am Aug 2 2019

In July, I came off a horse at speed, the consequence being a trimalleolar fracture with displacement, which required surgery with reduction. Resulting in many screws, a plate, etc. and orders to be completely non weight bearing for six weeks.

Two weeks in and the ankle is doing fine. Pain from the ankle has abated and is manageable BUT the peripheral nerve damage pain is excruciating.

It feels like evil pixies are sequentially trying to stab my toes with an ice pick, pour boiling water on the top of my foot or just trying to saw off a toe. Occasionally they like to mix it up by poking my arch with a stick. At times, the "Pixies" try more than one torture device at the same time. The numbness, pins and needles, feeling of sand paper being rubbed on my feet - that doesn't go away ever never ever goes away. But the pain can be intense. It is very frustrating.

Now, NSAIDs do nothing. My weak hydrocodone dose helps a lot. I have taken 15 pills out of 30 from the initial prescription given out two weeks ago. Mostly, I just try to bear the pain.

I talked to a PT - who spoke of desensitization techniques, such as running a kleenex up and down the top of the foot - which frankly - I am skeptical. I have to wear the boot, I have a sock on and those items touching my foot drive me crazy with pain sometimes. I don't think a kleenex is going to help...

There are various anti-seizure meds that can be used - but ick... No so into drugs. However, has anyone tried them?

Any advice?
Who else suffers from peripheral nerve damage from displacement/surgery and when did the symptoms really start to wane?

Jill Malone

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 Peripheral nerve damage pain  new
Jade2020  6:59am Aug 2 2019
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Pebbles  8:20am Aug 2 2019
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Kate B  7:09am Aug 4 2019
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yyy  7:48pm Oct 29 2019

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